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a tree trunk full of treatments..

You've got a lot going on inside of you. 

We've got a lot of interventions

to help you find relief.

capable, confident, compassionate

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We recognize the diversity and complexity of the human experience. Each person brings a unique worldview, multiple cultures and life experiences to the therapy room and psychotherapy is not the one-stop quick fix we'd all like it to be.


Over the years, we've developed a substantial trunk full of psychotherapy frameworks that work alone or can be interwoven to suit your unique needs and goals for therapy. 

The following treatments are modalities our therapist is formally trained, experienced and confident in using. 


Brief Solution Focused Therapy (BSF)

BFS is a brief therapy that lends an ear to your end goals and desired outcomes. A compassionate, strengths based therapy to help identify a clear path to solutions around the internal or external obstacles standing in your way. It works to build up your resilience, resourcefulness and competencies that sometimes get lost in the chaos of life - but are truly, still within you.  


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 

The grandparent of most psychotherapy is CBT, a framework that explores the integration between thoughts - feelings and behaviour, and the overall impact on your inner experience. It seeks to identify problematic patterns of thinking that stem from the negative core beliefs we all carry about ourselves due to earlier life experiences. We learn to identify and target automatic negative thoughts - then reframe them in a more factual based way. In turn, we seek to adapt your perception about the past, the environments we grew up in and our beliefs about ourselves. 

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) 


DBT is all about behaviours and the synthesis of opposites. It recognizes that living in 'all or nothing' extremes cause significant inner suffering in the complexity of the human experience, and an ever changing world. DBT offers practical skills to help find that centre balance between accepting reality as it is, AND changing our circumstances or environments in ways that are less problematic for you and your relationships. Learn new ways to self regulate your emotions, in distress, in contact with others, and just to get a little more peace from the monkey mind through mindfulness. 


Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a treatment for stuck, painful memories and your nervous system. It is the first line of defense for those suffering with ptsd, c-ptsd, anxiety, panic, depression, trauma, negative self beliefs and more. It is a heavily protocoled, heavily studied, non-talk therapy treatment, that weaves humanness with neuroscience in a compassionate, directive manner. It leaves you with freshly adapted information about the past to allow your memory to file it away, and lesson the impact of triggers on your nervous system. Desensitization phases are facilitated in 60-90 minute sessions (with treatment set up and evaluation in 60 minute sessions). 

Internal Family Systems (IFS)


IFS is about working collaboratively with the many different Parts that make of the inner experience unique to you. Derived from the concept of multiplicity of the mind; the impact of adverse life experience in our developmental years; and the recognition that every person was born as an authentic, individual Self. IFS seeks to explain why we behave, think, feel or respond in ways that feel contradictory or self sabotaging to our personal greater good. We seek to uncover the Parts of you who are responding to life in ways you may not need today, and work toward healing the wounded parts inside. 

Narrative Therapy 


Narrative therapy reinforces how we internalize meaning of our experiences is not universal or static - rather is developed through subjective interpretations of our life experience, culture, society and worldview. As a blank canvas when we were born, life experiences, interpretation and conditions began to throw paint all over our canvas into the messy piece of art we feel like today. With NT we seek to understand the constructs and elements of experience of the paint, and develop for ourselves new scaffolding from which we can climb to reach new meaning and perception. Here we uncover areas where fact and evidence were not included in the creation of us as we seek new meaning underlying the beliefs about ourselves. 


Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE)

Prolonged exposure is a treatment for ptsd, panic and anxiety that resulted in a dysregulated nervous system from experiences of trauma and disturbing life experiences . An integration of talk and non-talk therapy, PE serves to gently but gradually approach the narrative of painful memories -first exposing you to present day life experiences that activate a milder degree of escalation to help teach your nervous system, the present is now safe. Following this you will be guided into a repeated exposure to the narrative of the disturbing memories along with your trusted, therapist guide. The goal is to desensitize from any associated cue from the memory that impacts everyday living. Desensitization elements are facilitated in 90 minute sessions (with treatment set up arranged in 60 minute sessions). 

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