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2024 fee schedule.

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Life is getting more expensive by the day.

Financial stress is an increasing, heavy burden on our mental health.

We carefully build our fee schedule with these factors in mind: 

(1) knowledge that healing takes time, and finances can be a barrier to frequency;

(2) insurance companies cap what they're willing to cover per session;

(3) paying out of pocket is a burden on your monthly expenses.

The following fees are listed at the current rate per session for new and returning clients.

Initial Consultation Call (25m)
First Intake Session (75-90m)
Counselling therapy session (50-55m)

Trauma therapy session (50-55m)
Extended Trauma treatment (80-85m)
TalTherapy Calls (30m)

Mental health assessments
Verbal: included in session fees
Reports and letters for a third party
$35.00 - $75.00 (on average)

*HST is extra. Prices subject to change periodically. 
Additional details on all of the above, can be found through the "Services" menu tab.


payment & insurance 

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Current Payment Options:
E-Transfer, PayPal, Credit Card

*An formal receipt will be provided following completion of the service - which is suitable to submit to your benefits or insurance provider.

SAVE THE RECEIPT - If you don't have coverage, or your insurance does not cover everything you need in a year - you can claim uncovered sessions as a Medical Expense on your income taxes. 

INSURANCE - Please ensure your provider covers services by a "Registered Psychotherapist" using "telehealth or E-counselling" formats - if you plan on seeking reimbursement.


giving back: land & community 

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Inclusivity Rate

We offer 5 client spots at a reduced rate

of $128.00 per session

Inclusivity rate spots are exclusively reserved for persons with significant financial barriers to therapy and identify culturally as: BIPOC; women in full time post secondary;

intersectional queer; or transgender.

Real Time Availability (as of May 16, 2024)

currently full

We donate a portion of all Inclusivity session fees to:

Niagara Chapter - Native Women 

in Fort Erie, Ontario 

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