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are you a
strong & sensitive thriver?

"Sometimes, day to day life feels

like it hurts more for me, than it does for others"

genuine, relatable, down-to earth. 

People can be both Strong and Sensitive

Those of us with this unique quality know..
sometimes living in the extreme of these opposites
brings us inner misery that others
just don't seem to have to deal with everyday.

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Strong & Sensitive Thrivers are often: 

  • driven by the need to help or caretake;

  • driven by the need to achieve or prove;

  • questioning earlier choices or lack of choice

  • carrying the burden of others' emotions;

  • struggle with any feedback;

  • feel negatively affected by the perception of judgement; 

  • have a personal history that includes misery;

  • have not been able to find their true self, people or place in the world. 

hustle & grind culture; social media likes & influencers; gender stereotypes; traditional teaching or parenting styles;

aggressive workplace or church leadership - can result in

praise for our extroverted traits and punishment for our introverted ones.

For many of us, this brings inner misery, shame and turmoil. 

Some examples of traits common to Strong & Sensitive Thrivers: 

  • Emotional Beings

  • Creative 

  • Passionate Advocates

  • Empathetic

  • Deep Listeners

  • Heavy Thinkers

  • Energy Feelers 

  • Blended Introvert *and* Extrovert

  • High energy with big crashes

  • Intuitive, instinctive

  • Sensitive

  • Perceptive of others

  • Supportive Allies

  • Compassionate Care Givers

  • Anxious Worriers

  • Perfectionists

  • Persistent analyzers

Can you relate to feeling this way?

The above traits are called sensitivities
- and They help us do what we do best - really well!!
When unbalanced, unprocessed, and misunderstood, they can also leave us open to risk of chronic stress, burnout, emotional exhaustion and mental suffering.
Psychotherapy may help you shift into embracing your sensitivities, and working with them to get what you want out of life - instead of hiding or forcing them to "toughen up".

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