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do you see
yourself here??

Sometimes it helps to know you're not alone when thinking about taking the next step. 

Personal Pain: where are you feeling it - 
Inside, Outside, Both?

Inner pain can feel like...

  • ​beliefs that you are bad or flawed

  • self blame or criticism

  • intense guilt, shame, resentment, anger or apathy

  • survival mode or burnout

  • uncontrollable worry

  • fear of judgement, being perceived or making mistakes

  • social anxiousness or comparing

  • identity crisis or existential pain

  • gender or sexual uncertainty

  • flashbacks or nightmares

  • rehearse, replay, re-feeling harsh experiences 

  • overanalyzing your behaviours

  • trouble relaxing in my body

  • numbing out or loosing time

  • overwhelm, over stimulated, 

Outer pain can feel like...

She stood quietly in their grandeur and wisdom..jpg
  • battling with a toxic workplace or living situation

  • adverse experiences and injury

  • overworked, overscheduled 

  • chronic pain, or illness in self or loved one

  • abuse, drama or chaos in relationships

  • mental / emotional abuse in friend groups or fellowships

  • bullying or misuse of power 

  • people pleasing / fawning  

  • grappling with life transitions

  • social awkwardness or disconnect

some people leave therapy feeling.. 

  • self regulated

  • calm nervous system

  • unburdened

  • stress relief​

  • emotional release

  • seen & heard

  • a new perspective

  • more skillful

  • in charge of boundaries

  • self aware

  • mindful of the situation and how to navigate them

  • aligned with a Higher Self

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