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wait there's just
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When you don't need a full session

but something has come up.

​Talk therapy calls 

  • Private, one on one phone call with a registered psychotherapist

  • Completely self guided: You bring the issue - concern - reflection - update

  • Available Mondays; Thursdays & Fridays (days and some evenings)

  • Covered under most health insurance plans, benefits package or income taxes

  • Convenient 24/7 online scheduling access (up to 24 hours in advance)

30 minutes

"from pick-up

to hang-up"




person directed


​approach to talk therapy calls*

  • We have a brief therapeutic discussion in a manner that supports your mental and emotional needs around the subject you bring.

  • A shame-free, safe space that may fit quick and easy into the natural breaks of your day.    

Useful for:

  • Reflection on new insights or concerns

  • Situational stress or update on one in progress

  • Practical skills coaching (coping, changing behaviour, emotion regulation etc.) 

  • Brief review of mental health assessments or other clinical admin conversations

  • A final session to graduate from therapy

*Eligibility for this service:

  • Additional consent must be reviewed and signed prior to your first talk therapy call

  • Active clients who have completed the first intake and two full therapy sessions.

  • Returning clients must complete one full therapy session prior to using this service.   

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