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reaching out..

Take your time, Weary Traveller.

Reach out anytime.

engaging, experienced, empathetic 


Hello & thanks for your interest!!

We are currently holding a
short waitlist for new clients. 

For more info or to book a consult call
Email us at: 

It's helpful to include your general
availability for the call,
and a brief note about your interest.

For next steps about how to start 

therapy services see: DETAILS.


**Please note: This is not a crisis or emergency service.**

If you or someone you know needs crisis or emergency support - Contact Police/Ambulance at 9-11; go to the nearest emergency hospital department. Or Contact your local Crisis Hotline.

Find Your Local Crisis Line in the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention 

Canada Wide Directory: HERE

Inuit and First Nations crisis intervention and counselling support (24/7, Canada Wide):

1 855 242-3310

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