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sometimes you want a tangible answer on where you're at - in a language that doctors will listen to.

mental health assessments

​mental health assessments

  • A measurement on the intensity of clinically recognized symptoms of anxiety, depression, ptsd and dissociation, using standardized mental health assessments common to the medical field. 

  • Completed on your own time; scored by a registered psychotherapist. 

  • Official report on results can be provided to assist you in a discussion with your medical care professional.

  • May be acceptable as supporting information for short term leave, wsib claims etc. 

  • Reports are delivered safely through our encrypted document sharing system.

1-3 day turnaround



supporting information

clinical admin or mental health assessment fees

Verbal: included in session fees

Reports, case notes and letters for a third party: 

a quote will be discussed on a case by case basis

*HST is extra.
rices subject to change periodically. 

​approach to mental health assessments* (MHAs)

  • We incorporate MHAs only to get a reading on the level of intensity of your inner experience. They offer us more information on your inner pain, and to a degree -can help us measure how well therapy is going. 

  • MHAs help you to speak with your medical professionals and insurance companies in their language about your current level of functioning- for the times when you need to share information with them.

  • Results from our MHAs are not an actual mental health diagnosis- nor do we rigidly ascribe to labels, pathology or 'one size fits all' criteria in the DSM5 (diagnostic & statistical manual of mental illness). 

  • MHA results are reviewed with you from a place of compassion and curiosity in a non-pathologizing, shame-free and respectful manner. 


  • Baseline reading occurs at intake for new and most returning clients for screening.

  • Subsequent measurements are provided as discussed or on request, and continue to be included in the cost of counselling therapy or trauma treatment.

  • You must be an active client participating in therapy or talk therapy calls to receive a written report to provide to third parties.

  • Written reports and supplemental letters provided to third parties are a paid service. 

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