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getting started..

If you're looking to take the next steps - this is how we do it..



Seriously, A FREE CHAT - no strings attached. All interested persons begin with scheduling a

25 minute phone call

where we both share our needs and see if we fit well enough to move forward.


EMAIL to book your call, and if possible offer a little about your availability and interests in therapy. 

We do our best to turn consults into clients - provided your needs falls within our scope of service, skill and cultural competency. 


Note: There are limitations. If it's determined the best course of treatment is a more specialized or higher level of care - we will do the ground work to provide you with appropriate referrals.  


​First session Intake interview includes

  • Private, one on one, intake session with a registered psychotherapist

  • Covered under most health insurance plans or benefits package or income taxes as the official "intake session"

  • Can be booked during your consult call or email to book once you've made a choice

  • Intake paperwork will include baseline mental health assessments (reviewed during intake) to get an understanding on the intensity of your inner experience as you start therapy.

75 - 90


video or phone



conversational interview


​approach to intake

  • All intakes are trauma informed; culturally sensitive; shame-free and approached with respect, compassion and comfort.  

  • No wrong answer - we use this intake session to see you, and let you see us in a casual, conversational way. This is all about two humans seeking connection at the start of a new therapeutic relationship.

  • You are in charge of the information flow. We need only the information you feel is pertinent to share about you at the start of therapy. There is no need for trauma dumping or sharing adverse life experiences if you don't want to.

  • Mandatory, once in a lifetime! After this session you will not need to complete it again, even after leaving and returning to therapy later on.

intake conversation session
(75 - 90 min) 

$220.00 - NOW HST FREE!!

initial consult call (25 min) 


rices subject to change periodically. 
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