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human first

therapist second


behind every quality therapist..

is a person with their own lived journey

to mental wellness.

Nadine Furbacher, Registered Psychotherapist 


  • A young Gen Xer who self-identifies as Millennial, and lives in awe of the bravery that is Gen Z.

  • A first generation Canadian with immigrant parents from wildly different cultures. 

  • A bonafide ally, advocate, and proud queer person. She/her pronouns, with a special place in my heart for people living authentically (2SLGBTQI+)

  • A self proclaimed Strong & Sensitive Thriver who spent years staying small, because the world said "toughen up, you're too sensitive" 

  • No stranger (or friend), to the corporate ladder, with a past career in business, service and human resources.

  • Personal experience with addiction and long term sobriety. A believer in harm reduction for everything and that recovery is possible in many different ways. 

  • Supporter of my family's painful experiences, spiritual abuse & religious trauma.  A decade of lived experience in - and exit from - a high control spiritual group. Passionately acquiring knowledge and skills to support the courageous deconstruction community.**

genuine, relatable, down-to earth. 

Key Credentials:

  • 18 years experience in counselling and social work in community mental health - specializing in: mental health therapy; life skills counselling; career coaching; support group development; group facilitation; crisis intervention; skills training and case management. 

  • Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, CRPO since 2017.

  • ​Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. Specialized in adult psychotherapy and behavioural psychology.

  • Bachelors Degree in Business Admin. Specialized in gender studies, sociology and marketing.

  • Clinical Member: Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists (OSRP);  Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association (CCPA); and the Religious Trauma Institute (RTI).

  • Formerly trained in the following approaches: compassionate inquiry (Dr. Gabor Mate); trauma informed stabilization for treatment resistant depression (Janina Fisher PHD).

  • Specialized cultural training certificates in: Religious trauma, spiritual abuse & cult recovery; Adverse religious experiences; Religious trauma and the nervous system; LGBTQ mental health care; Supporting the Queer community; Positive Safe Space LGBTQ Initiative: Diversity and inclusion in social work; Workplace Diversity and culture; Allied Mental Health Support: Working with transgender, nonbinary and questioning persons; Mental Health & Psychosis First Aid and Seizure First Aid.


I used to play it small..

Here's Me Taking Up More Space!

  • Amateur gardener; feeder of backyard birds; friend to cats and animals.

  • Student of forest bathing, kundalini yoga and Buddhist meditation.

  • Audiobook rocker; total sci-fi nerd and screener of a bit too much film and tv.

  • Anti-influencer on social media! Eyewitness of the real-life harm to self esteem and mental wellness caused by 'Insta-therapy', tracking Likes/Followers; and spending countless downtime hours making content. Willow Rock Wellness is only on Facebook.

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