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human first

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behind every quality therapist..

is a person with their own journey

and life experience


Meet Nadine

Psychotherapist & Owner

  • A self proclaimed Strong & Sensitive Thriver who spent years staying small, because the world said "toughen up, you're too sensitive" 

  • No stranger (or friend), to the corporate ladder, with a past career in business, customer service and human resources.

  • Amateur gardener, fire pit master & caretaker for backyard birds, buns & squirrels

  • Lifelong learner of forest bathing, kundalini yoga and Buddhist meditation.

  • Audiobook rocker; total sci-fi nerd and screener of a bit too much film and tv.

  • Social Media Anti-influencer- Witness of real-life harm to self esteem and wellness from reliance on by 'Insta-therapy', tracking Likes/Followers; or spending countless hours making content. 


genuine, relatable, tuned-in. 


I'm a First generation Canadian with immigrant parents from wildly different cultures. I had a super confusing childhood with two origin ethnicities, languages and traditions - all while trying to fit in with my Canadian born peers.  Today I'm a proud dual citizen and resident of the Czech Republic, where I live immersed in Czech culture for lengthy periods from 2018 to date. My mother is Trinidian and though my exposure to the island is less in depth - I do have the diverse experience of growing up with my Trini Mummy, her strict Catholic upbringing and rich West Indies culture.
Yep! A bonafide queer person, intersectional ally, advocate and learner. Total femme with she/her pronouns, a messy coming out to my family story and a special place in my heart for people living bold & authentic. (2SLGBTQI+)
I've got lived experience with mental health issues like depression, social anxiety and addiction. Today I live in recovery and long term sobriety. I'm a support and advocate for people struggling with the level of misery that can take us to those dark places. I'm a believer in harm reduction for everything and that recovery is possible via many unique pathways that suit who you are as a person.
I spent 10 years inside, and a few years making my way out of a spiritually based, high control group system. Since leaving, I've become a supporter for my own family, some who have trauma today related to chronic spiritual abuse from fundamentalist dogma and authority in high control religions.  Today I'm passionately aquiring the knowledge and skills to competently support the courageous deconstruction community.

more than lived experience..

Specialized Training in:


*LGBTQ+ Mental health care 
*Positive Space: LGBTQ+ Initiative
*Allied Mental Health:
Supporting transgender, nonbinary
& gender questioning persons


*Religious trauma, Spiritual abuse
& Cult recovery: Treating trauma caused by Adverse Religious Experiences

*Religious trauma and the Nervous system


*Workplace Diversity & Multiculturalism
*Diversity, Culture & Counselling
Inclusion in Social Work 
*Workplace Inclusivity Training: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA)
*Social Welfare in Canada


*Mental Health & Psychosis First Aid
*Applied Suicide Intervention (ASIST)

*safeTalk Suicide Alertness




Mental Health
Social Work

University Counselling

Social Services

Assessment, case conceptualization and delivery of mental health psychotherapy; skills group training; university student assistance program; case management; crisis intervention; life skills counselling; career coaching; pre-employment support group development & facilitation and social connections / suicide support counselling.


CRPO Registrant

CCPA Clinical

Registered Psychotherapist for independent practice and clinical supervisor with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Clinical Member of the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association for practice in non-regulated Provinces.


Yorkville University

Brock University

Thompson Rivers


Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. Specialized in adult psychotherapy, family systems and behavioural psychology. Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Specialized in gender studies, sociology and marketing. Extracurricular post secondary course credits in Social Work.


OSRP Member

RC Member

RTI Participant

Clinical member of Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists Reclamation Collective Religious Trauma Consultation Group Member. Religious Trauma Institute Training Participant
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