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therapy intensives

An opportunity to reserve space and time for a deep therapeutic dive into those areas we typically don't like to shine light on or visit.. but they are in the way

therapy intensive sessions

  • 135 minute extended time sessions with micro breaks

  • Designed for a deeper therapeutic dive into specialized psychotherapeutic treatments that meet your personal needs for therapy.

  • Suitable for trauma treatments from emdr, internal family systems, dialectical behaviour therapy or prolonged exposure with a registered psychotherapist.

  • Set agenda at the pace of your nervous system and the selected therapy protocols

  • Less frequent appointments - more traction per session than in a traditional therapy hour, with more absorption of info and potential for transformation.

  • Personalized client workbook with home exercises and to use during session.  

  • Booking, timing and treatment planning in collaboration with your therapist

  • Many insurance companies will cover all or partial Extended Therapy Sessions. Request an estimate to send to your benefits provider in advance to ensure you're all or partially covered.

135 minute sessions


talk or



directed treatment


Note: this service may involve a portion of out of pocket expenses. It is claimable on taxes. 

religious trauma therapy
therapy intensives
135 minutes (2h 15m) 

*contact to confirm price

Prices subject to change periodically. 

​approach to Therapy Intensives 

  • We approach all Traumatic experiences gradually with the intention for healing in a shame-free space of respect, safety and compassion.

  • We honour the Parts of you that carried you through surviving the most disturbing and painful experiences of your life. We ask for permission from these Parts before proceeding.

  • Your nervous system is in charge of the pace. It will always set the speed and appropriateness for the next stages of your treatment. (a.k.a all trauma services are polyvagal informed)

  • We begin with the end already in mind. All trauma services start with stages that strengthen your resilience and ability to tolerate stressful or activating experiences and to self regulate in session and at home,

  • Sessions are extended to adhere to what neuroscience, psychology and polyvagal theory confirm attain the most effective outcomes. 

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