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extended trauma treatment

A cornerstone to psychotherapy is that you feel safe and secure enough to share what is truly happening in your inner experience. 

Trauma treatment sessions

  • Extended sessions designed for the desensitization stages of emdr or prolonged exposure treatment with a registered psychotherapist.

  • Integrated with counselling therapy sessions for set up, debriefing and breaks as needed

  • "In real life" exposure homework review and assignments (PE treatment only)

  • Booking, timing and course of treatment planning in collaboration with your therapist

  • Use of empirically supported clinical mental health assessments to ensure treatment is appropriate and measurable. 

80-85 minute sessions




directed treatment


religious trauma therapy
religious trauma counselling

​approach to Trauma

  • We approach all Traumatic experiences gradually with the intention for healing in a shame-free space of respect, safety and compassion.

  • We honour the Parts of you that carried you through surviving the most disturbing and painful experiences of your life. We ask for permission from these Parts before proceeding.

  • Your nervous system is in charge of the pace. It will always set the speed and appropriateness for the next stages of your treatment. (a.k.a all trauma services are polyvagal informed)

  • We begin with the end already in mind. All trauma services start with stages that strengthen your resilience and ability to tolerate stressful or activating experiences and to self regulate in session and at home,

  • Sessions are extended to adhere to what neuroscience, psychology and polyvagal theory confirm attain the most effective outcomes. 

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