Psychotherapy & Counselling Services

Is being a Helper or Service Provider affecting

your own mental health, relationships or life goals?

counselling for well-being


Have you ever felt..

  • ​Burnout

  • Compassion Fatigue

  • Secondary Trauma

  • Counter transference challenges 

  • Chronic Stress / Overwhelm

  • Negative Self Beliefs

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Lack of Work / Life balance

  • Unresolved personal trauma

  • Sleep problems

  • Trouble with boundaries

  • Substance misuse / abuse

  • Relationship Troubles

  • Changes in Social Patterns 

Psychotherapy may help you overcome heavy emotional energy drain and mental stress causing your suffering  including some of the painful concerns listed above.



Helping professionals are the front line people who support another person's well-being psychologically emotionally; physically; intellectually; or spiritually. Examples: social workers; doctors; nurses; teachers; early childhood educators; counsellors; clergy; midwives; sport instructors; and a wide range of related fields and specialties.


Service Professionals are essentially the front line people selling goods and services. Many core helping skills are also used by service providers who engage with the public. Some examples: real estate agents, performance artists; tv/film producers; food and beverage staff, lawyers, hair stylists, travel agents, civil servants and car sales or retail sales. If you are getting paid to serve the public, it means you have a hand in helping everyday. 


By sheer nature of the work - many people who seek Helping or Service professions have common personality traits that make us:

  • Emotional Beings

  • Creative 

  • Passionate Advocates

  • Empathetic

  • Deep Listeners

  • Heavy Thinkers

  • Energy Feelers 

  • Blended Introvert *and* Extrovert

  • High energy with big crashes

  • Intuitive, instinctive

  • Sensitive

  • Perceptive of others

  • Supportive Allies

  • Compassionate Care Givers

  • Anxious Worriers

  • Perfectionists

  • Persistent analyzers


These important traits are called sensitivities

- and They help us do our People Jobs really well!!

When unbalanced, they can also leave us open to risk of burnout, emotional exhaustion and mental suffering 

in our workplace and personal lives.


"Helping professionals are more susceptible to experience burnout, including symptoms of

de-personalization, anxiety, emotional exhaustion and disengagement [from others]." (Professional Burnout: Recent development in theory & research, Schaufeli et al., 2016).

"Problematic temperaments are positively related to helping professions in human services: anxiety, depression, fluctuations in social habits from extreme to isolation, hyperactivity, higher risk taking and irritability."(Beyond Burnout: Helping teachers, nurses, therapists & lawyers recover from stress & disillusionment, Cherniss, 2016).

"Helping professionals report higher levels of interpersonal stress and experience sense of lower self accomplishment than others." (Affective temperament, job stress & professional burnout in nurses & civil servants, Jaracz et al., 2017).

"Human service personnel working long term in a highly demanding context involving secondary exposure to trauma confirms that job burnout contributes to a prognosis of secondary traumatic stress." (What Comes First, Job Burnout or Secondary Traumatic Stress?, Shoji et al., 2015)

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