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A Letter to the Strong & Sensitive Thriver

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

People count on YOU.

As a professional in Helping; a Service Provider; an Entrepreneur or Performer - They are looking at you. Your skills and knowledge; your customer service; your communication style; fast troubleshooting; your ability to support; advocate; organize; educate; and above all - listen, empathize and find solutions for them, the people.

Everyday this comes with the cost of personal energy: putting others first and listening to their concerns; issues; needs; expectations; challenges; and desired outcomes, all of the unique elements of each client, customer or patient - because it's your job..

Sometimes you come home more frazzled than when you left.. more emotional.. You were exposed all day to other people’s energy. Their personal challenges and stories. Their needs and problems. Their behaviour and social etiquette. Some of this involves showing you (directly or indirectly) their pain or trauma or anger - which can be hard to leave behind at the end of your work day.

“We often don't take the very advice we offer to clients, patients or customers.”

Sometimes people remind you of You.. or someone close to you. Should they have an issue with service - perhaps their behaviour triggers your own memory to a similar negative experience. It’s possible your employer doesn’t allow you to make outcomes fair and there you are - stuck on the front line taking all the backlash.. Or maybe your bottom line is the same money putting food on your table, and you have to cater to all customer whims whether they feel just or not - because you can’t afford to lose the business. So you take it. Everyday.

After work we can find ourselves isolating. We conserve energy during our time off. We dread Mondays and sometimes it’s hard to sleep. We often don't take the very advice we offer to clients, patients or customers. We self sabotage, or numb, or engage in activities that are not that great for us but feel good in the moment. We avoid, we bring our work home in our heads, we worry about the people we serve, the managers, the supervisors, the staff, the money. Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed, but we push because who else will do the work?

Research shows helpers have a high rate of burnout and absenteeism, especially those of us with emotional sensitivity.

Further studies show some people with trauma or mental health histories of their own - naturally gravitate to helping or serving professions, and may need added support to protect from burnout, mental health issues and chronic stress.

Willow Rock Wellness provides online video counselling for You -- the person in the driver's seat who is supporting or serving or selling or performing for others. When you engage with the public there is a level of energy and a degree of being "on" that over time can take so much out of you, especially when you are juggling so much personally on top of it all.

We specialize in giving you a place to process on these hardships; to release them from the weight you carry personally or professionally; to help you focus on growing and strengthening your own well-being. Often helping comes with debriefing about the people we serve - but not a lot of company time is used for supporting You, the Helper. Counselling is all about you. Here we build your resilience and acknowledge healthy limits by carving out a space for you to lean on. Using a variety of counselling and therapeutic interventions, we teach everyday usable emotional and people skills that may help strengthen your self awareness, deepen personal healing and set boundaries between home and work.

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