All sessions begin with an Initial Consultation followed by your First Session / Intake. Combined, these visits help us identify your current concerns and collaborate on an appropriate treatment plan. 

Together we work through your goals for therapy to help move you close to where you prefer your well-being to be. 

  • One on one sessions with a licensed therapist

  • 50 minutes in length

  • by VIDEO or PHONE, your choice. 

  • Therapeutic home activities to practice in real time

  • Convenient, self serve, online booking

  • Secure messaging for admin. needs

  • Self directed online mental health wellness course options with certificate of completion (if identified as added value to treatment by your therapist and yourself).

  • COMING SOON: Integrated group therapy options

For more information see our: Approach to therapy

and Fee Schedule


2020-21 Groups Launch - TBD 

Please contact us to express interest in any topics below 

Groups at Willow Rock will vary between psychoeducation, skills training, or peer support formats with Nadine Furbacher RP or another trained and experienced group facilitator. 

Key Groups in regular rotation will include:

 Mindfulness: Reduce Stress of the Now

Managing Your Emotions

Bring the Heat Down (Tolerate Your Distress)

 Becoming More Self Aware & Loving it (Self Esteem)

The New Social You: Getting what you want with others

 Groups range from 4-8 weeks, 1.5 hours per session.


Cost includes any materials.

Payment required in full prior to start of group. 

Group therapy sessions are limited in size to ensure quality care and comfort for participants.


All persons interested in groups will first attend a BRIEF, mandatory group intake session to ensure level of care and your needs will be best served with this format. 


For more information on group intake, click here.


Do you suspect unresolved personal trauma is the root to Your Own Struggle today?

Do you feel you may have entered a helping profession because deep down you have similar experiences to your clients?

Adverse and traumatic experiences shape how we see the world and ourselves.


This program is designed to treat mild to medium PTSD symptoms being experienced today - that are rooted to a single (or series of) adverse or traumatic events from the past. 

Full Circle Healing Program includes:

  • 8-16 weeks of prolonged exposure treatment depending on number and severity of past experiences.

  • Training in dialectical behaviour therapy skills to improve coping with emotion, distress and other people.

  • Between session coaching with your therapist by phone or text. 

Please inquire for more information about this program. We accept a limited number of clients at one time. First circle cohort begins Winter 2021.  Pricing TBD.


-- COMING SOON 2021 --

For Counselling Graduate Students working toward Graduation

or RP (Q)s working toward Registration.

Please inquire if you are interested for 2021


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