WHERE: ​ Exclusively online. Delivered by secure video directly to the comfort of your home, office, car, coffee shop - anywhere you need us to be. 


WHEN: See our self serve Online Booking in the main menu. Before Work, Morning, Lunch Breaks, Afternoon and (limited) Evening sessions available. 

HOW:  Using state of the art, encrypted software, phone and payment systems. Safe. Secure. Confidential.


  • Convenient and immediate access to sessions on your personal device;

  • Can attend sessions where ever you are with access to secure internet;

  • Fully encrypted, secure video is as safe as an in-person sessions;

  • Accessible for people with physical limits or chronic illness;

  • No commuting means less expenses: gas, parking and/or transportation;

  • Accessible for people living in remote locations;

  • Psychological comfort: helps to eliminate the social stigma of attending therapy;

  • No waiting room with strangers, or interacting with reception;

  • Self serve online booking available 24/7/365;


  • Less absences: no need to cancel due to poor weather conditions or transport issues;

  • Sessions can be scheduled more frequently, possibly meaning faster progress;

  • Many clients report being more comfortable in their own space;


  • Some clients share they felt comfortable discussing deeper topics online vs. in person;

  • Access to peer support groups that would otherwise be challenging to attend;

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